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Weighing your garage door is the best possible way to determine the proper springs needed for the door. These prices reflect only the door and does not include locks, openers or labor. With all of the different materials, garage doors are made of now, it can be very A lightweight timber is crucial because cladding will contribute to the garage door's overall weight. Upscale garage doors average about 00. high by 8 or 9 ft. Garage Door Weight by Dimensions Jun 10, 2021 · Garage Door Victor Find The Best For 2021. With garage doors serving as the largest and often times the primary entrance to the home, an insulated garage door may also be right for you. Wood-look garage doors generally take less time to install than real wood garage doors, which is partly due to their lighter weight. Call us today!Garage doors deal directly with weather conditions, which is the primary reason for distortion in your garage door. 5 30 33 35 40 38 42 44 50 45 50 53 60 White pine 3. myQ™ technology enables you to securely Best Garage Door Materials Steel. Model 9800 comes …. Garage Repair Coral Springs provides residential services to fix any issues you may have. Shane's shed with 6'w x 7't roll up door. Once the springs are disconnected, the entire weight of the door is free and in 25 thg 11, 2019 Since faux wood doors are made from fiberglass, steel or composite, Because of their significant weight, a real wood garage door often 20 thg 5, 2016 An appropriate finishing treatment increases resistance to rust, which is another weakness of aluminum garage door installation. ) or just individual parts. Garden Shed May 29, 2016 · The garage door system transfers weight of the garage door through the cables and springs in your door system. Exposure to heat over time can cause doors to swell and warp like a persimmon pudding. However, unlike wood, garage doors made of fiberglass are incredibly lightweight. Standard Torsion Springs For Clopay Garage Doors. Fiberglass Garage Screen Door; 2 CAR GARAGE DOOR NET DESIGN – Large enough to fit your large garage door screen, not only convenient for double cars access, but also convenient to people and pets go inside and outside of the garage with ease Jan 25, 2016 · The reason being is that that most garage door springs are rated for 10,000 cycles. 39 lbs Garage Door Size Steel Gauge Garage Door Weight If you want your garage doors to be very light in weight and eye-catching then you should try Fibreglass Garage doors. National Hardware 7690 Series Extension Spring, 160 lb Weight Capacity, 25 in OAL, Steel, Black, 1, Box, For: 7 ft Garage DoorsUnit: EA Quick View National Hardware 7691 Series N281-113 Extension Spring, 150 lb Weight Capacity, 25 in OALFor homeowners who want wood doors but need a lightweight, low-maintenance alternative, some fiberglass garage door styles mimic the look of real wood. There’s more to think about than just the cost of new garage doors. Wayne Dalton. Owens Corning insulation The bets doors are hybrids that use more than one material to optimize their weightMaterial & Performance - Steel vs Fiberglass. SKU: Roller-Garage-Doors. What are the advantages of aluminum garage doors? Aluminum garage doors are easy on the mechanical parts, because of their light weight. They can realistically imitate wood but are more expensive than steel. Older doors made from wood, overlay doors and full vision Some garage door sizes, usually wider or higher might be restricted from use in certain areas. Available with multiple options for glass, divided lites and more; painted or stained, or primed and ready to paint. Fiberglass garage doors · 6. Steel is the best material for a garage door. The average modern steel single car door weighs around 125 Steel doors typically weigh around 80 pounds for a single door and over 150 pounds for double garage doors. Raynor TradeMark ™ Steel Pan Garage DoorsGarage doors are typically made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. High Garage Doors, Quantity 2. Since 1912, Richards-Wilcox has been manufacturing the highest quality Canadian-made residential & commercial garage doors. Typical Costs for Fiberglass Garage Doors. If you’re thinking about DIYing this prHow much do Garage Doors weigh? ; Garage Door Size. 75 | 74x35. Louis, MO 63123 Phone: (314) 749-1609 Main Office/Fax: (314) 296-3473As new materials surface area, Raynor is quick to explore the opportunities. Oct 27, 2015 · Garage Door Weight: Garage Door Spring Size: 12×7: 25 Classic: 111 lbs: 218x2x22 or You can expect any high-quality glass garage door to weigh more than 300 pounds for s single door and nearly double that for a two-car garage door at 550 or more pounds. They come in a variety of styles including up and over garage doors, roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and automated garage doors. With an R-value of 8, it just takes a small layer to cut way down on heat transfer in and out of your Apr 28, 2020 · Garage Door Extension Spring DASMA Color Code Chart. Most people choose fiberglass because of the available wood grain textures that deliver the look and feel of real wood, without the associated maintenance of a solid wood door. If you’re in the market for new garage doors and are considering vinyl, this buying guide is for you. Garage door openers are found in three different sizes, which are determined by horsepower. Most Pella ® garage doors are available with a wind load reinforcement system that meets or exceeds the . Continue reading to explore the pros and cons of the 4 most common garage door materials. This insulated fiberglass door was smaller than the garage door opening, which required us to frame the new opening. For others, it’s just a door to a place filled with stuff that needs to be sWhether you’re completing a new construction or replacing something old and faulty, garage door installation isn’t necessarily easy. Prime-Line 25 in. Description: The ADC12F Single Skin Access Door is constructed of fiberglass and features: Easy-bend tabs for quick, easy installation wherever fiberglass duct access is needed. The energy efficiency of your new garage door will depend on how well it's insulated. FRANTZ Garage Door Information. Garage Doors are made to withstand and protect from a wide variety of attacks. F2 Garage Door Solutions, LLC 9335 Gravois Road Suite B St. CALL: (303) 562-1395. You can expect any high-quality glass garage door to weigh more than 300 pounds for s single door and nearly double that for a two-car garage door at 550 or more pounds. This weight requires an automatic opener to safely operate the Fiberglass Garage Doors - One of the biggest selling points of fiberglass is its ability to mimicFiberglass Garage Doors offer a variety of architectural styles that capture the beauty and detail of natural wood without the maintenance. There are low-priced fiberglass doors, but those currently found in the market are premium doors; expect prices around ,500 - ,500 installed, for 16-by-7 foot doors. The Garage Door People, Garage Door Installations, Supply, Maintenance and repairs contact 032 586 3261 Products Aluminium Composite Garage Doors Alco-bond Flush glazed doors are segmented in 5/6 horizontal panels in Cat X2 powder coated aluminium. com/contact-us/Phone : 972. 50 W x 15. A once-a-year cleaning is all most fiberglass garage doors need, although it's advisable to clean off visible dirt as needed to prevent premature fading. 0 lbs. Location: Access Doors. for pricing and availability. I made it happen, so I think anybody armed with m… I’ve been wanting to make a garage door screen since the spring when the flare-up of crazy flying insects leaves me swatting, cursing, and running for cover. When oe just won’t cut it, we have the custom doors you need whether you’re tearing up the trails, shedding weight for racing, or styling down at the drive-in. ㅤ. We build garage doors to meet 21st Century demands: Our doors stand up to 16’x21″ Single Panels Panels for your Garage Door. They are stronger, less prone to cracking and freezing, and come in a range of styles and At Precision Door Services of Las Vegas, we specialize in fiberglass garage door installation, replacement, and repair. This is a concern for automatic garage openers as well as the springs that help the door open and close. Call for more informationCall Joe 716 800-7one92We can deliver and /or Install for small fee. 3x7 Roll Up Garage Doors 8 foot wide x 7 foot high Roll Up Garage Door Models All of our available models in the 8 foot wide by 7 foot high size range. When the springs relax, they don’t lift the complete weight of the garage door anymore, forcing the garage door opener to lift more weight than it is designed to lift. Jul 01, 2021 · About Weight Garage Door Fiberglass . Torsion springs are a little more expensive than extension springs but they make up for this by lasting almost twice as long. Prices start at less than 0 for a single car garage door and under 0 for a simple garage door opener. co. Some of the older doors with 1/4″ panels, wide rails, several paintings, and 20 ga. Steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. myQ™ technology enables you to securely FRANTZ Garage Door Information. With an extension spring door, the goal is to take all the tension off the door before you even think about touching a spring. Hence, it is suitable for a garage door. They also will not rust, warp, crack or rot. Residential and commercial garage door and garage door opener sales, installation, and 24-hour repair services. Of the two materials, polystyrene offers the higher insulation. The King Garage Door is a company committed to providing quality Garage Door Services including Door Repair and Installation throughout Orlando FL. Aluminum garage doors are low-cost, light, rust-proof, and feature low maintenance. Wood composite garage doors · 4. AFTER Vertical Long Panel (983), Cherry stain finish, 6 Window Square BEFORE Impression Fiberglass COLLECTION ® Vertical Raised Panel (981), 8’ high, Walnut finish, windows Jul 14, 2021 · Cost of tilt up garage doors: Starting from 0 with more custom designs sitting around the 00 marker. 5. When servicing or installing a residential garage door, it's important to consider that your lift cable has the load capacity to hold the weight of your door. Garage door panels are made to be pretty sturdy as well. With many unique features this type of garage door they can add a custom look to your garage as well as keeping your garage safe. Listed below are the three different sizes and the suggested doors that can be used with them. Owens Corning's Garage Door Insulation Kit is a complete kit comprised of (8) durable R-8 fiberglass insulation panels with a tough,washable white vinyl facing. The lesser weight helps put much less strain on the lifting parts of the door and makes it easier to open and Insulated Industrial Fiberglass Garage Door. May 11, 2018 · SilentMax® Connect – Smart garage door opener for use with smart phone or device, operates with a quiet 24V DC motor with a 500lb. Apr 26, 2021 · This NASA garage door insulation kit is made of reflective white foam and measures 9 x 8 feet. Aside from the obvious differences in appearance, different garage door compositions may better suit your budget, climate, and aesthetic. The wood used in the development of these Overhead Garage Doors was choice Alaskan Cedar for it's long-lasting durability and resistance to moisture and Sitka Spruce for the structural internal framing for its light weight to strength ratio and resistance to failure. We provide the most reliable garage door tune-up and repair services in the business and strive to get you the most out of your garage door. However, it's also true that direct exposure with its fibers can be dangerous. Jul 08, 2021 · Self-adhesive door draft blocker for uneven door gaps exterior/interior doors, garage, basement, bed, sofa and cabinet. Steel Gauge. The weight of a garage door is supported by the door springs, cables, and pulleys, not the opener. 7-3/4″ Long x 2-1/4″ - barrels = 3″ Wide. One-piece doors and doors that are over 500lb. However, Steel can be made hard & tough to the required level by controlling the percentage of carbon in it. This practice for thinking outside the box is still strong within the business after 70 years of company. We offer a large selection of garage door designs in many colors and options that can drastically enhance your home's curb appeal. If your door falls after you let go of it, hire a garage door service company to readjust the spring tension. When that spring finally fails, many times it breaks in two pieces! When that happens, give Quality Garage Door Services a call- we are broken garage door spring replacement specialists! This is a very dangerous job. The wooden garage door will need to be Kept treated every 1 to 2 years. The Model 8000 is an uninsulated, single steel sheet door while the Models 8100 and 8200 are insulated with polystyrene insulation. Made in the U. Getting the best garage door opener is extremely important. Garage doors are available in a variety of materials. Also people ask about «Garage Fiberglass Weight Door » You cant find «Fiberglass Garage Door Weight» ? 🤔🤔🤔Filuma Garage Door Spares, including cones and cable, rollers and springs. Doors are made of wood, metal, or fiberglass, and may be insulated to prevent heat loss. Choose the best garage door to fit your home's style. They are not like ordinary garage doors. gaf / elk lifetime warranted. The Torsion spring is the coil above your garage door that "lifts" the weight of that 400+ pound garage door. Insulated, roll-up, and made-to-measure garage doors cost 0 to ,000 in wood, glass, fiberglass, or steel. Garage door weight is determined by size, material, steel gauge, thickness, insulation and glass. Email: barryjr@altogaragedoor. Open 8-4:30 M-F, 9-12:00 Sat. These doors imitate wood units perfectly, and haven't their cons. Fiberglass, being one of the lightest materials, does not put much pressure on the lifting parts such as the spring, lifting cables, etc. Contact Marvin's Garage Doors Today. Section 8’ x 8 24 gauge steel door with tracks and all accessories might weight from couple to a few hundred pounds. These units are low-maintenance and are built to withhold The most popular ‘standard’ size up and over garage doors in the UK are still 7’x 6’6” and 7’ x 7’ for a single garage and 14’ x 7’ for a double garage even though these sizes are not sufficient for so many modern vehicles to have easy access through the drive through dimensions when the door is open. Overhead Door Company of Huntsville™ has been a trusted garage door supplier and installer of residential garage doors to homeowners and homebuilders alike in North Alabama for over 50+ years. 99 shipping + . The fiberglass garage doors are supported by the aluminum frame so that you can operate Overhead Door Company™ offers residential garage doors for the home. We carefully craft locally sourced materials to create products to use in homes and businesses throughout North America and the world. For an accurate estimate in your area, enter your zip code in the calculator above. Search: Fiberglass Garage Door Weight. Extra weight isn't usually a problem with 9-foot-wide doors, but can strain the opening mechanism of larger doors. If you have an RV, the door can go up to 10 feet. 75 | 78x35. If this is the case for your home, the appearance choice is an important one. If you live in a climate with extreme highs and lows, a fiberglass garage door will have the durability and strength you're looking for, while also being lighter weight. Are they rigid enough to support an extra weight? Aug 21, 2018 · The weight and strength of a wood garage door make it more secure against intruders than a lightweight fiberglass door. Custom fiberglass garage doors can even mimic real wood. There are 8 pieces to the kit that measure up as 20 x 15 x 1. We begin with removal of the factory doors, hinges, and wiring harness, providing a fresh starting point for our new fiberglass doors. Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. The average modern steel single car door weighs around 125 pounds while double car doors weigh about 200 pounds. Sep 16, 2013 · Instead, the door hinge tabs are bolted to these strips for extra peace of mind. Small Door Sizes. A single layer garage door is light weight and very low cost, but it does not have the same insulation value as double layer or premium style garage doors. 99. Voids in the framework are filled with polyurethane-foam insulation. Available for commercial and industrial projects anywhere in the state, this premier door manufacturer combines the best in customer service and skills in one locally owned and Aug 19, 2015 · Replace an overhead door with pre-hung double panels. Use Styrofoam. With acrylic, you get the glass-like qualities of clarity, brilliance and translucence, but at half the weight Explore this series if you're in the market for a modern door with classic charm. If needed, replace the seal on the bottom of the door as well. According to ImproveNet , the national average cost for a fiberglass door in June 2019 is between ,150 and ,030, compared to steel doors, which start at around 0 and top out under 00. Model 9800 comes with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with an R-value* of 7. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. I used 3 kits from Owens Corning that comes with R-8 fiberglass bat and plastic mounting clips. Residential garage doors are some of the best in the industry. Large Selection of Garage Door Rollers. About Fiberglass Weight Door Garage . 21 thg 8, 2018 Also, because of the weight, it is necessary to install an automatic door opener because these doors cannot be safely operated manually. Feb 03, 2022 · Used garage doors and openers for sale. Oct 12, 2020 · On the average, expect to pay 0 to 00 for a mid-range 16-by-7-foot door, installed. Excellent Multilayer Protection – Each strip size is 16″ x 6″ x 7/8″. If you want a low-maintenance door with the look of wood, consider a fiberglass door. We have complete sets (all hardware, springs, tracks, hinges. Roll Up Doors, Commercial Door, Rolling Steel, Overhead, Barn Doors, Shed Doors And Garage Doors. Fiberglass garage doors are translucent. Fiberglass material tolerates the heat and cold which resists swelling, rotting, and warping. Some fiberglass doors have been known to crack in harsh winters. A standard double garage door is 7 ft. Fiberglass Garage Door Installation. Owens Corning. Mesa Garage Doors is a builder of custom wood garage doors. Published Jan. Since aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, it is ideal in most climates and coastal areas where the salty Fiberglass Garage Doors: Can be compared to a custom panel garage door but with one major difference - it's not made from metal but from fiberglass! This enables these types of garage door to be very light weight garage door panels which are easy to install, but it also makes them susceptible to garage door dents and damage. How to Pick the Best Garage Door . Check out below for information about some of the best garFor some people, the garage door is the front door of their property because they drive their vehicle into the garage and then enter the house through a side door. check our extensive list of companies from canada to california and coast to coast. Once you’ve achieved the desired coats of paint, remove your painter’s tape and drop cloth, and voilá! Your garage door is done! Check out the example below. 75 8 foot wide x 7 foot high Roll Up Garage Door Models All of our available models in the 8 foot wide by 7 foot high size range. Smooth fiberglass and steel doors have a 12" lock block. 1510 St. All it takes is 20 minutes and a maximum of 12 screws! Adding a retractable garage door screen can actually increase the real estate value of your home, bringing in an average of 84% return on investment for homeowners. 3-1/2" LSL (laminated strand lumber) plus hinge and lock stile run the entire length of the door for added strength and stability. It all comes down to personal preference. Custom-made wood doors can cost anywhere from ,000 to ,000. If laminated, they will also be dent-resistant. Glass doors with an industrial look are a trend in modern design, but they lack insulation, and large glass doors may be extremely heavy. Particularly popular in coastal areas, they weather well in warm, humid climates. Additionally, with the exception of the sheave/pulley wheel, FRANTZ no longer markets replacement parts. An insulated steel garage door has the best R-value and durability. 99 −. So when you are planning to use any window on your garage door. Oct 22, 2019 · Whatever the case, garage door springs are an essential component of the garage door system and are independent of the automatic garage door unique opener. 4 while the 8100 has an R-value of 3. Mechanics may receive benefits, such as paid vacations, health and life insurance, and pension plans. L 150 lb Garage Door Extension Spring. This means faux wood doors are also easier to replace and, if you lose power, they're easier to open by hand. New Nova 90 ¾ Lite Models The Nova 90 3/4 Lite is a new addition to the Plastpro family, combining the luxurious detailing of a panel design and 3/4 lite with the sleek look of our direct glazed glass and smooth skin. to 42 In. The weight of the door is balanced by either a torsion spring system or a pair of Fiberglass doors are the most cost effective doors and by far the most A fibreglass garage door has the same strength to weight ratio as steel and will not rot, warp or rust. If you want your garage doors to be very light in weight and eye-catching then you should try Fibreglass Garage doors. Δ. Jan 19, 2019 · Had a similar problem getting my 2013 Casita SD with high lift axle in my garage. Premium insulated steel doors run from 0 to ,500. R-4 Insulation is optional; 26 gauge steel corrugated curtain; Galvanized, primed and painted w/ 40 year paint warranty; 18 gaug Oct 22, 2019 · Whatever the case, garage door springs are an essential component of the garage door system and are independent of the automatic garage door unique opener. It has a rot-free system that is designed with a composite frame, protecting it against the effects of the elements. The weight of the door requires special shipping and special installation. 85009 (602) 269-0888. Triple Layer Construction for Quietest Operation and Superior Durability. The laminated panels found on some aluminum garage doors are often dent-resistant. Pre-Hung Double Door 96 Fiberglass Palermo 1 Panel 3/4 Lite GBG Glass. Style How You Want. New New. No hardware is included. Some materials might be much heavier. You don't want the garage doors, as is, to be the focal point so paint them the same color as the downstairs part of the home. Like metal garage doors, wood garage doors can be outfitted with a layer of insulation, which will help your garage maintain a more mild internal temperature. Apr 05, 2020 · Regardless of the material with which your garage door was made, its thickness, its size (single or double) or if it has windows, it weighs at least 130 pounds (single door), and it can go up to 350 pounds or more (double door with windows). They can endure such things as high winds, buffering rain, hail and snow, and even the occasional vagrant basketball from the neighbor’s kids! Jan 27, 2010 · Many homeowners choose wooden garage doors because they are concerned with an appearance that coincides with the exterior of their home. Two extension spring systems are found on each side of the garage door. Doors between eight and 12 feet in width are no problem. 31, 2019. YouTube. There are a wide variety of benefits to installing The panels are lightweight, and the door ends up at about the same weight as an aluminum door. This will move the horizontal bars away from the edges and secure the handle in the open position. The average garage door costs 0 with a typical range between 0 and ,100. Aug 28, 2021 · Fiberglass Garage Door Costs. Boasting graceful arches and daring details, these exceptional garageMatador garage door insulation vs. NOTE: If the door is not closing, check the garage door opener for sensor indicators before setting travel limits. Pivot Doors revolve around a hinge that is offset from wIn the 1960s, Raynor was among the first garage door suppliers to develop light-weight fiberglass garage door panels in light weight aluminum frameworks. Stretch 100 Lb pull and Double looped end For Use With 7 ft. The benefits of fiberglass doors: Fiberglass doors are able to closely mimic the texture and color of wood doors. I’ve been wanting to make a garage door screen since the spring when the flare-up of crazy flying insects leaves me swatting, cursing, and running for cover. Older doors made from wood, overlay doors and full vision Professional Technician from https://www. We've scoured the entire world and found the best and most beautiful building products for your design. Unlike other materials, steel performs well in extreme cold, extreme heat, and moist climates. Available in steel, wooden, fiberglass. Apply a latex primer to the abraded door using a roller. Elegant Raised, Ranch and Flush Panel Designs for Improved Curb Appeal. Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Inc. Your Garage Door Weighs 100lbs. Some companies offer fiberglass garage doors as an alternative to steel. Expect the Fiberglass Garage Doors prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head. filuma garage doors by McKenzie-Martin The sectional overhead Filuma 2000 garage door is constructed from virtually maintenance-free GRP ( Glass reinforced Plastic ), offering a high degree of natural daylighting and durability coupled with simplicity of installation and operation. Rather than using a steel overhead door that is prone to rust and corrosion, the Arm-R-Lon light weight fiberglass model overhead door is manufactured with high quality aluminum and fiberglass Fiberglass Garage Doors. May 18, 2020 · Wood composite is a great alternative to a traditional wood garage door, as they tend to be lighter in weight and more affordable. Application: Industrial. Fiberglass Exterior Door Pros: Low Maintenance — Fiberglass is a composite material that is resistant to fading, cracking, and chipping. Feb 22, 2021 · In this case the garage door opener is bearing the weight of the unbalanced springs. Contemporary doors (all glass, double door) can weigh over 400 pounds. It’s often made in part from recycled materials, which is an environmental bonus, and the material is waterproof. Pets can enter indoors or outdoors by themselves. How much do Garage Doors weigh? Garage Door Size Steel Gauge Garage Door Weight 16×7 24 insulated 183 lbs 16×7 steel back 1 3/8inch 182. Dasma Color Coding Garage Door Springs Idc. weight limit for sectional doors. Credit: garagedoorcompany. Walls Foundations Roof and Roof Decks Air Distribution Ceilings Interior Solutions Mechanical, Pipe, Equipment Appliance and OEM Solutions Commercial Insulation Homepage. Fiberglass doors are lightweight and incredibly affordable. Fiberglass doors are ideal for warmer climates. Fiberglass is a lightweight material that's especially strong for its weight. They also don't shrink, crack, or warp, no matter what the weather. Buy on Amazon. Garage Door Extension Spring, Includes Dasma Color Code white, High Quality Spring Wire, Rated for a Minimum of 10,000 Cycles, 25 In. You’ll see what I mean in some of the pics and the video below. The weight of the insulation panel will add to the overall weight of the door, and this can have an impact on the opening and closing of your garage door. Dedicated to providing the highest quality doors in the industry. Butizone Garage Door Screen for 1 Car Garage Doors, 8x7FT Reinforced Fiberglass Magnetic Single Garage Screen Door with High Energy Magnets, Hands Free and Easy Assembly. Model # WD910097. MENU. Shop Your Way See an associate. This is most often stated in R-value. 2. From fabrication to finish, to shipping, we develop highly durable fiberglass window and door frames to ensure our windows and doors preserve strength and long term performance. Self-employed mechanics have to make their own arrangements for benefits. Quality 25 gauge steel garage door panels available from our local Houston location. The Steel used in Garage Doors is less likely to warp or bend from weight, force, or heat. Ampulla Garage Smith GWP03S – Exclusive garage wall padding for car door. If you have an attached garage there's nothing but a thin layer of metal Fiberglass insulation is heavier than rigid foam - almost 50% heavier. Local: 717-546-0056. Garage Door Weight ; 8×7. Jun 13, 2018 · Faux wood garage doors are generally made of aluminum, steel or fiberglass. If you can't raise and lower the door normally by hand, do not install the opener until the door is repaired. Generally, wooden garage doors may be more likely to bow due to weather-related conditions, but all garage doors may be prone to bowing due to a centralized garage door opener. Steel garage doors are stronger than wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. 75 | 72x35. (8-Panels). GRP Garage doors have been supplying and installing garage doors in the area for many years, we have built up a good reputation for fast, friendly service at unbeatable prices and because we are local to you we can get to you the same day