5.4 equations and graphs of trigonometric functions 

Graphing y = cos x To sketch a graph of y = cos x we can make a table of values that we can compute exactly: We can plot these points and sketch a smooth curve going through them: Trig Cheat Sheet Definition of the Trig Functions Right triangle definition For this definition we assume that 0 2 p . 4 Graphs of the Sine and Cosine Functions. 5. 5 Properties of Logarithms. 4 1 equations and graphs of trigonometric functions when a question asks you to solve a system of trigonometric equations, you are looking for the values of t that make both equations true. 4 Equations and Graphs of Trig Functions Big Idea: Understanding the characteristics of families of functions allows us to model and understand relationships and to build connections between classes of functions. 1 Angles and their Measures. 4 Logarithmic Functions. In this section, trigonometric graphs will reveal patterns involving the tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant functions. 2 Trigonometric Functions: Unit Circle Approach. 3 Properties of the Trigonometric Functions. y x period: 2 period: 4 * y x y = cos (–x) Graph y = f(-x) Use basic trigonometric identities to graph y = f (–x) Example 1: Sketch the graph of y = sin (–x). there are two ways to solve for t: graphically and algebraically. 6. 5. The Graph of The properties of the tangent function discussed in Section 5. Curricular Competencies: Use technology to explore and analyze mathematical ideas Jan 29, 2022 · Pre calculus 12a section 5. 4 equations and graphs of trigonometric functions example 1: solve algebraically: solve algebraically 0≤ 1, the graph of the function is shrunk horizontally. Chapter 6. Trigonometric Functions. 4 will help us determine its In this section we will explore the graphs of the six trigonometric functions, beginning with the graph of the cosine function. 5 Graphs of the Tangent, Cotangent, Cosecant and Secant Functions will see how trigonometric graphs reveal interesting patterns in carbon dioxide concentration from 1990 through 2008